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CG dinucleotide clustering is a species-specific property of the genome., Glass, Jacob L., Thompson Reid F., Khulan Batbayar, Figueroa Maria E., Olivier Emmanuel N., Oakley Erin J., Van Zant Gary, Bouhassira Eric E., Melnick Ari, Golden Aaron, et al. , Nucleic Acids Res, 2007, Volume 35, Issue 20, p.6798-807, (2007)
Comparative isoschizomer profiling of cytosine methylation: the HELP assay., Khulan, Batbayar, Thompson Reid F., Ye Kenny, Fazzari Melissa J., Suzuki Masako, Stasiek Edyta, Figueroa Maria E., Glass Jacob L., Chen Quan, Montagna Cristina, et al. , Genome Res, 2006 Aug, Volume 16, Issue 8, p.1046-55, (2006)
Epigenetic Identity in AML Depends on Disruption of Nonpromoter Regulatory Elements and Is Affected by Antagonistic Effects of Mutations in Epigenetic Modifiers., Glass, Jacob L., Hassane Duane, Wouters Bas J., Kunimoto Hiroyoshi, Avellino Roberto, Garrett-Bakelman Francine E., Guryanova Olga A., Bowman Robert, Redlich Shira, Intlekofer Andrew M., et al. , Cancer Discov, 2017 Aug, Volume 7, Issue 8, p.868-883, (2017)
High-resolution genome-wide cytosine methylation profiling with simultaneous copy number analysis and optimization for limited cell numbers., Oda, Mayumi, Glass Jacob L., Thompson Reid F., Mo Yongkai, Olivier Emmanuel N., Figueroa Maria E., Selzer Rebecca R., Richmond Todd A., Zhang Xinmin, Dannenberg Luke, et al. , Nucleic Acids Res, 2009 Jul, Volume 37, Issue 12, p.3829-39, (2009)
Rational Targeting of Cooperating Layers of the Epigenome Yields Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy against AML., Duy, Cihangir, Teater Matt, Garrett-Bakelman Francine E., Lee Tak C., Meydan Cem, Glass Jacob L., Li Meng, Hellmuth Johannes C., Mohammad Helai P., Smitheman Kimberly N., et al. , Cancer Discov, 2019 Jul, Volume 9, Issue 7, p.872-889, (2019)
Somatic Mutations Drive Specific, but Reversible, Epigenetic Heterogeneity States in AML., Li, Sheng, Chen Xiaowen, Wang Jiahui, Meydan Cem, Glass Jacob L., Shih Alan H., Delwel Ruud, Levine Ross L., Mason Christopher E., and Melnick Ari M. , Cancer Discov, 2020 Dec, Volume 10, Issue 12, p.1934-1949, (2020)