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A clinical measure of DNA methylation predicts outcome in de novo acute myeloid leukemia., Luskin, Marlise R., Gimotty Phyllis A., Smith Catherine, Loren Alison W., Figueroa Maria E., Harrison Jenna, Sun Zhuoxin, Tallman Martin S., Paietta Elisabeth M., Litzow Mark R., et al. , JCI Insight, 2016 Jun 16, Volume 1, Issue 9, (2016)
DNMT3A mutations promote anthracycline resistance in acute myeloid leukemia via impaired nucleosome remodeling., Guryanova, Olga A., Shank Kaitlyn, Spitzer Barbara, Luciani Luisa, Koche Richard P., Garrett-Bakelman Francine E., Ganzel Chezi, Durham Benjamin H., Mohanty Abhinita, Hoermann Gregor, et al. , Nat Med, 2016 12, Volume 22, Issue 12, p.1488-1495, (2016)
EZH2 and BCL6 Cooperate to Assemble CBX8-BCOR Complex to Repress Bivalent Promoters, Mediate Germinal Center Formation and Lymphomagenesis., Béguelin, Wendy, Teater Matt, Gearhart Micah D., Fernández María Teresa Cal, Goldstein Rebecca L., Cardenas Mariano G., Hatzi Katerina, Rosen Monica, Shen Hao, Corcoran Connie M., et al. , Cancer Cell, 2016 08 08, Volume 30, Issue 2, p.197-213, (2016)
A Highly Sensitive and Robust Method for Genome-wide 5hmC Profiling of Rare Cell Populations., Han, Dali, Lu Xingyu, Shih Alan H., Nie Ji, You Qiancheng, Xu Meng Michelle, Melnick Ari M., Levine Ross L., and He Chuan , Mol Cell, 2016 08 18, Volume 63, Issue 4, p.711-719, (2016)
Reply to "Uveal melanoma cells are resistant to EZH2 inhibition regardless of BAP1 status"., LaFave, Lindsay M., Béguelin Wendy, Koche Richard, Teater Matt, Spitzer Barbara, Chramiec Alan, Papalexi Efthymia, Keller Matthew D., Hricik Todd, Konstantinoff Katerina, et al. , Nat Med, 2016 06 07, Volume 22, Issue 6, p.578-9, (2016)