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BCL6 Antagonizes NOTCH2 to Maintain Survival of Human Follicular Lymphoma Cells., Valls, Ester, Lobry Camille, Geng Huimin, Wang Ling, Cardenas Mariano, Rivas Martín, Cerchietti Leandro, Oh Philmo, Yang Shao Ning, Oswald Erin, et al. , Cancer Discov, 2017 May, Volume 7, Issue 5, p.506-521, (2017)
BCL6 Evolved to Enable Stress Tolerance in Vertebrates and Is Broadly Required by Cancer Cells to Adapt to Stress., Fernando, Tharu M., Marullo Rossella, Gresely Benet Pera, Phillip Jude M., Yang Shao Ning, Lundell-Smith Geoffrey, Torregroza Ingrid, Ahn Haelee, Evans Todd, Gyorffy Balazs, et al. , Cancer Discov, 2019 May, Volume 9, Issue 5, p.662-679, (2019)
BCL6 repression of EP300 in human diffuse large B cell lymphoma cells provides a basis for rational combinatorial therapy., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Hatzi Katerina, Caldas-Lopes Eloisi, Yang Shao Ning, Figueroa Maria E., Morin Ryan D., Hirst Martin, Mendez Lourdes, Shaknovich Rita, Cole Philip A., et al. , J Clin Invest, 2010 Dec 01, Volume 120, Issue 12, p.4569-82, (2010)
The BCL6 transcriptional program features repression of multiple oncogenes in primary B cells and is deregulated in DLBCL., Ci, Weimin, Polo Jose M., Cerchietti Leandro, Shaknovich Rita, Wang Ling, Yang Shao Ning, Ye Kenny, Farinha Pedro, Horsman Douglas E., Gascoyne Randy D., et al. , Blood, 2009 May 28, Volume 113, Issue 22, p.5536-48, (2009)
DNA methyltransferase 1 and DNA methylation patterning contribute to germinal center B-cell differentiation., Shaknovich, Rita, Cerchietti Leandro, Tsikitas Lucas, Kormaksson Matthias, De Subhajyoti, Figueroa Maria E., Ballon Gianna, Yang Shao Ning, Weinhold Nils, Reimers Mark, et al. , Blood, 2011 Sep 29, Volume 118, Issue 13, p.3559-69, (2011)
EZH2 is required for germinal center formation and somatic EZH2 mutations promote lymphoid transformation., Béguelin, Wendy, Popovic Relja, Teater Matt, Jiang Yanwen, Bunting Karen L., Rosen Monica, Shen Hao, Yang Shao Ning, Wang Ling, Ezponda Teresa, et al. , Cancer Cell, 2013 May 13, Volume 23, Issue 5, p.677-92, (2013)
Imatinib disrupts lymphoma angiogenesis by targeting vascular pericytes., Ruan, Jia, Luo Min, Wang Chunjie, Fan Lei, Yang Shao Ning, Cardenas Mariano, Geng Huimin, Leonard John P., Melnick Ari, Cerchietti Leandro, et al. , Blood, 2013 Jun 27, Volume 121, Issue 26, p.5192-202, (2013)
Inhibition of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) activity provides a therapeutic approach for CLTC-ALK-positive human diffuse large B cell lymphomas., Cerchietti, Leandro, Damm-Welk Christine, Vater Inga, Klapper Wolfram, Harder Lana, Pott Christiane, Yang Shao Ning, Reiter Alfred, Siebert Reiner, Melnick Ari, et al. , PLoS One, 2011 Apr 08, Volume 6, Issue 4, p.e18436, (2011)
Integrin-specific hydrogels as adaptable tumor organoids for malignant B and T cells., Tian, Ye F., Ahn Haelee, Schneider Rebecca S., Yang Shao Ning, Roman-Gonzalez Lidia, Melnick Ari M., Cerchietti Leandro, and Singh Ankur , Biomaterials, 2015 Dec, Volume 73, p.110-9, (2015)
MALT1 small molecule inhibitors specifically suppress ABC-DLBCL in vitro and in vivo., Fontan, Lorena, Yang Chenghua, Kabaleeswaran Venkataraman, Volpon Laurent, Osborne Michael J., Beltran Elena, Garcia Monica, Cerchietti Leandro, Shaknovich Rita, Yang Shao Ning, et al. , Cancer Cell, 2012 Dec 11, Volume 22, Issue 6, p.812-24, (2012)
A peptomimetic inhibitor of BCL6 with potent antilymphoma effects in vitro and in vivo., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Yang Shao Ning, Shaknovich Rita, Hatzi Katerina, Polo Jose M., Chadburn Amy, Dowdy Steven F., and Melnick Ari , Blood, 2009 Apr 09, Volume 113, Issue 15, p.3397-405, (2009)
Pharmacoproteomics identifies combinatorial therapy targets for diffuse large B cell lymphoma., Goldstein, Rebecca L., Yang Shao Ning, Taldone Tony, Chang Betty, Gerecitano John, Elenitoba-Johnson Kojo, Shaknovich Rita, Tam Wayne, Leonard John P., Chiosis Gabriela, et al. , J Clin Invest, 2015 Nov 03, Volume 125, Issue 12, p.4559-71, (2015)
A purine scaffold Hsp90 inhibitor destabilizes BCL-6 and has specific antitumor activity in BCL-6-dependent B cell lymphomas., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Lopes Eloisi C., Yang Shao Ning, Hatzi Katerina, Bunting Karen L., Tsikitas Lucas A., Mallik Alka, Robles Ana I., Walling Jennifer, Varticovski Lyuba, et al. , Nat Med, 2009 Dec, Volume 15, Issue 12, p.1369-76, (2009)
Selective targeting of BCL6 induces oncogene addiction switching to BCL2 in B-cell lymphoma., Dupont, Thibault, Yang Shao Ning, Patel Jayeshkumar, Hatzi Katerina, Malik Alka, Tam Wayne, Martin Peter, Leonard John, Melnick Ari, and Cerchietti Leandro , Oncotarget, 2016 Jan 19, Volume 7, Issue 3, p.3520-32, (2016)
A small-molecule inhibitor of BCL6 kills DLBCL cells in vitro and in vivo., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Ghetu Alexandru F., Zhu Xiao, Da Silva Gustavo F., Zhong Shijun, Matthews Marilyn, Bunting Karen L., Polo Jose M., Farès Christophe, Arrowsmith Cheryl H., et al. , Cancer Cell, 2010 Apr 13, Volume 17, Issue 4, p.400-11, (2010)