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BCL6 breaks occur at different AID sequence motifs in Ig-BCL6 and non-Ig-BCL6 rearrangements., Lu, Zhengfei, Tsai Albert G., Akasaka Takashi, Ohno Hitoshi, Jiang Yanwen, Melnick Ari M., Greisman Harvey A., and Lieber Michael R. , Blood, 2013 May 30, Volume 121, Issue 22, p.4551-4, (2013)
Differentiation therapy for IDH1/2 mutant malignancies., Garrett-Bakelman, Francine E., and Melnick Ari M. , Cell Res, 2013 Aug, Volume 23, Issue 8, p.975-7, (2013)
Epigenetic repression of miR-31 disrupts androgen receptor homeostasis and contributes to prostate cancer progression., Lin, Pei-Chun, Chiu Ya-Lin, Banerjee Samprit, Park Kyung, Mosquera Juan Miguel, Giannopoulou Eugenia, Alves Pedro, Tewari Ashutosh K., Gerstein Mark B., Beltran Himisha, et al. , Cancer Res, 2013 Feb 01, Volume 73, Issue 3, p.1232-44, (2013)
EZH2 is required for germinal center formation and somatic EZH2 mutations promote lymphoid transformation., Béguelin, Wendy, Popovic Relja, Teater Matt, Jiang Yanwen, Bunting Karen L., Rosen Monica, Shen Hao, Yang Shao Ning, Wang Ling, Ezponda Teresa, et al. , Cancer Cell, 2013 May 13, Volume 23, Issue 5, p.677-92, (2013)
Methylome profiling reveals distinct alterations in phenotypic and mutational subgroups of myeloproliferative neoplasms., Nischal, Sangeeta, Bhattacharyya Sanchari, Christopeit Maximilian, Yu Yiting, Zhou Li, Bhagat Tushar D., Sohal Davendra, Will Britta, Mo Yongkai, Suzuki Masako, et al. , Cancer Res, 2013 Feb 01, Volume 73, Issue 3, p.1076-85, (2013)
Negative regulation of osteoclast precursor differentiation by CD11b and β2 integrin-B-cell lymphoma 6 signaling., Park-Min, Kyung-Hyun, Lee Eun Young, Moskowitz Neal K., Lim Elisha, Lee Sun-Kyeong, Lorenzo Joseph A., Huang ChuanXin, Melnick Ari M., P Purdue Edward, Goldring Steven R., et al. , J Bone Miner Res, 2013 Jan, Volume 28, Issue 1, p.135-49, (2013)
New effector functions and regulatory mechanisms of BCL6 in normal and malignant lymphocytes., Bunting, Karen L., and Melnick Ari M. , Curr Opin Immunol, 2013 Jun, Volume 25, Issue 3, p.339-46, (2013)
Notch activation inhibits AML growth and survival: a potential therapeutic approach., Kannan, Sankaranarayanan, Sutphin Robert M., Hall Mandy G., Golfman Leonard S., Fang Wendy, Nolo Riitta M., Akers Lauren J., Hammitt Richard A., McMurray John S., Kornblau Steven M., et al. , J Exp Med, 2013 Feb 11, Volume 210, Issue 2, p.321-37, (2013)