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Aberration in DNA methylation in B-cell lymphomas has a complex origin and increases with disease severity., De, Subhajyoti, Shaknovich Rita, Riester Markus, Elemento Olivier, Geng Huimin, Kormaksson Matthias, Jiang Yanwen, Woolcock Bruce, Johnson Nathalie, Polo Jose M., et al. , PLoS Genet, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 1, p.e1003137, (2013)
B-cell lymphoma 6 and the molecular pathogenesis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma., Ci, Weimin, Polo Jose M., and Melnick Ari , Curr Opin Hematol, 2008 Jul, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.381-90, (2008)
BCL6 is critical for the development of a diverse primary B cell repertoire., Duy, Cihangir, J Yu Jessica, Nahar Rahul, Swaminathan Srividya, Kweon Soo-Mi, Polo Jose M., Valls Ester, Klemm Lars, Shojaee Seyedmehdi, Cerchietti Leandro, et al. , J Exp Med, 2010 Jun 07, Volume 207, Issue 6, p.1209-21, (2010)
Bcl-6 mediates the germinal center B cell phenotype and lymphomagenesis through transcriptional repression of the DNA-damage sensor ATR., Ranuncolo, Stella Maris, Polo Jose M., Dierov Jamil, Singer Michael, Kuo Tracy, Greally John, Green Roland, Carroll Martin, and Melnick Ari , Nat Immunol, 2007 Jul, Volume 8, Issue 7, p.705-14, (2007)
BCL6 modulates tonic BCR signaling in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas by repressing the SYK phosphatase, PTPROt., Juszczynski, Przemyslaw, Chen Linfeng, O'Donnell Evan, Polo Jose M., Ranuncolo Stella M., Dalla-Favera Riccardo, Melnick Ari, and Shipp Margaret A. , Blood, 2009 Dec 17, Volume 114, Issue 26, p.5315-21, (2009)
BCL6 programs lymphoma cells for survival and differentiation through distinct biochemical mechanisms., Parekh, Samir, Polo Jose M., Shaknovich Rita, Juszczynski Przemyslaw, Lev Paola, Ranuncolo Stella M., Yin Yingnan, Klein Ulf, Cattoretti Giorgio, Favera Riccardo Dalla, et al. , Blood, 2007 Sep 15, Volume 110, Issue 6, p.2067-74, (2007)
BCL6 represses CHEK1 and suppresses DNA damage pathways in normal and malignant B-cells., Ranuncolo, Stella M., Polo Jose M., and Melnick Ari , Blood Cells Mol Dis, 2008 Jul-Aug, Volume 41, Issue 1, p.95-9, (2008)
The BCL6 transcriptional program features repression of multiple oncogenes in primary B cells and is deregulated in DLBCL., Ci, Weimin, Polo Jose M., Cerchietti Leandro, Shaknovich Rita, Wang Ling, Yang Shao Ning, Ye Kenny, Farinha Pedro, Horsman Douglas E., Gascoyne Randy D., et al. , Blood, 2009 May 28, Volume 113, Issue 22, p.5536-48, (2009)
BCL6-mediated attenuation of DNA damage sensing triggers growth arrest and senescence through a p53-dependent pathway in a cell context-dependent manner., Ranuncolo, Stella Maris, Wang Ling, Polo Jose M., Dell'Oso Tania, Dierov Jamil, Gaymes Terry J., Rassool Feyruz, Carroll Martin, and Melnick Ari , J Biol Chem, 2008 Aug 15, Volume 283, Issue 33, p.22565-72, (2008)
Cell type of origin influences the molecular and functional properties of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells., Polo, Jose M., Liu Susanna, Figueroa Maria Eugenia, Kulalert Warakorn, Eminli Sarah, Tan Kah Yong, Apostolou Effie, Stadtfeld Matthias, Li Yushan, Shioda Toshi, et al. , Nat Biotechnol, 2010 Aug, Volume 28, Issue 8, p.848-55, (2010)
CtBP is an essential corepressor for BCL6 autoregulation., Mendez, Lourdes M., Polo Jose M., J Yu Jessica, Krupski Melissa, B Ding Belinda, Melnick Ari, and B Ye Hilda , Mol Cell Biol, 2008 Apr, Volume 28, Issue 7, p.2175-86, (2008)
A hybrid mechanism of action for BCL6 in B cells defined by formation of functionally distinct complexes at enhancers and promoters., Hatzi, Katerina, Jiang Yanwen, Huang ChuanXin, Garrett-Bakelman Francine, Gearhart Micah D., Giannopoulou Eugenia G., Zumbo Paul, Kirouac Kevin, Bhaskara Srividya, Polo Jose M., et al. , Cell Rep, 2013 Aug 15, Volume 4, Issue 3, p.578-88, (2013)
A molecular roadmap of reprogramming somatic cells into iPS cells., Polo, Jose M., Anderssen Endre, Walsh Ryan M., Schwarz Benjamin A., Nefzger Christian M., Lim Sue Mei, Borkent Marti, Apostolou Effie, Alaei Sara, Cloutier Jennifer, et al. , Cell, 2012 Dec 21, Volume 151, Issue 7, p.1617-32, (2012)
A peptomimetic inhibitor of BCL6 with potent antilymphoma effects in vitro and in vivo., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Yang Shao Ning, Shaknovich Rita, Hatzi Katerina, Polo Jose M., Chadburn Amy, Dowdy Steven F., and Melnick Ari , Blood, 2009 Apr 09, Volume 113, Issue 15, p.3397-405, (2009)
Reversible disruption of BCL6 repression complexes by CD40 signaling in normal and malignant B cells., Polo, Jose M., Ci Weimin, Licht Jonathan D., and Melnick Ari , Blood, 2008 Aug 01, Volume 112, Issue 3, p.644-51, (2008)
SAFB1 mediates repression of immune regulators and apoptotic genes in breast cancer cells., Hammerich-Hille, Stephanie, Kaipparettu Benny A., Tsimelzon Anna, Creighton Chad J., Jiang Shiming, Polo Jose M., Melnick Ari, Meyer Rene, and Oesterreich Steffi , J Biol Chem, 2010 Feb 05, Volume 285, Issue 6, p.3608-3616, (2010)
Sequential transcription factor targeting for diffuse large B-cell lymphomas., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Polo Jose M., Da Silva Gustavo F., Farinha Pedro, Shaknovich Rita, Gascoyne Randy D., Dowdy Steven F., and Melnick Ari , Cancer Res, 2008 May 01, Volume 68, Issue 9, p.3361-9, (2008)
A small-molecule inhibitor of BCL6 kills DLBCL cells in vitro and in vivo., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Ghetu Alexandru F., Zhu Xiao, Da Silva Gustavo F., Zhong Shijun, Matthews Marilyn, Bunting Karen L., Polo Jose M., Far├Ęs Christophe, Arrowsmith Cheryl H., et al. , Cancer Cell, 2010 Apr 13, Volume 17, Issue 4, p.400-11, (2010)
Specific peptide interference reveals BCL6 transcriptional and oncogenic mechanisms in B-cell lymphoma cells., Polo, Jose M., Dell'Oso Tania, Ranuncolo Stella Maris, Cerchietti Leandro, Beck David, Da Silva Gustavo F., Prive Gilbert G., Licht Jonathan D., and Melnick Ari , Nat Med, 2004 Dec, Volume 10, Issue 12, p.1329-35, (2004)
Transcriptional signature with differential expression of BCL6 target genes accurately identifies BCL6-dependent diffuse large B cell lymphomas., Polo, Jose M., Juszczynski Przemyslaw, Monti Stefano, Cerchietti Leandro, Ye Kenny, Greally John M., Shipp Margaret, and Melnick Ari , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2007 Feb 27, Volume 104, Issue 9, p.3207-12, (2007)