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B-cell lymphoma 6 and the molecular pathogenesis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma., Ci, Weimin, Polo Jose M., and Melnick Ari , Curr Opin Hematol, 2008 Jul, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.381-90, (2008)
BCL6 represses CHEK1 and suppresses DNA damage pathways in normal and malignant B-cells., Ranuncolo, Stella M., Polo Jose M., and Melnick Ari , Blood Cells Mol Dis, 2008 Jul-Aug, Volume 41, Issue 1, p.95-9, (2008)
BCL6-mediated attenuation of DNA damage sensing triggers growth arrest and senescence through a p53-dependent pathway in a cell context-dependent manner., Ranuncolo, Stella Maris, Wang Ling, Polo Jose M., Dell'Oso Tania, Dierov Jamil, Gaymes Terry J., Rassool Feyruz, Carroll Martin, and Melnick Ari , J Biol Chem, 2008 Aug 15, Volume 283, Issue 33, p.22565-72, (2008)
CtBP is an essential corepressor for BCL6 autoregulation., Mendez, Lourdes M., Polo Jose M., J Yu Jessica, Krupski Melissa, B Ding Belinda, Melnick Ari, and B Ye Hilda , Mol Cell Biol, 2008 Apr, Volume 28, Issue 7, p.2175-86, (2008)
Reversible disruption of BCL6 repression complexes by CD40 signaling in normal and malignant B cells., Polo, Jose M., Ci Weimin, Licht Jonathan D., and Melnick Ari , Blood, 2008 Aug 01, Volume 112, Issue 3, p.644-51, (2008)
Sequential transcription factor targeting for diffuse large B-cell lymphomas., Cerchietti, Leandro C., Polo Jose M., Da Silva Gustavo F., Farinha Pedro, Shaknovich Rita, Gascoyne Randy D., Dowdy Steven F., and Melnick Ari , Cancer Res, 2008 May 01, Volume 68, Issue 9, p.3361-9, (2008)