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BCL6 Evolved to Enable Stress Tolerance in Vertebrates and Is Broadly Required by Cancer Cells to Adapt to Stress., Fernando, Tharu M., Marullo Rossella, Gresely Benet Pera, Phillip Jude M., Yang Shao Ning, Lundell-Smith Geoffrey, Torregroza Ingrid, Ahn Haelee, Evans Todd, Gyorffy Balazs, et al. , Cancer Discov, 2019 May, Volume 9, Issue 5, p.662-679, (2019)
Dynamic Incorporation of Histone H3 Variants into Chromatin Is Essential for Acquisition of Aggressive Traits and Metastatic Colonization., Gomes, Ana P., Ilter Didem, Low Vivien, Rosenzweig Adam, Shen Zih-Jie, Schild Tanya, Rivas Martín A., Er Ekrem E., McNally Dylan R., Mutvei Anders P., et al. , Cancer Cell, 2019 Oct 14, Volume 36, Issue 4, p.402-417.e13, (2019)
Ex vivo synthetic immune tissues with T cell signals for differentiating antigen-specific, high affinity germinal center B cells., Purwada, Alberto, Shah Shivem B., Béguelin Wendy, August Avery, Melnick Ari M., and Singh Ankur , Biomaterials, 2019 Apr, Volume 198, p.27-36, (2019)
Non-oncogene Addiction to SIRT3 Plays a Critical Role in Lymphomagenesis., Li, Meng, Chiang Ying-Ling, Lyssiotis Costas A., Teater Matthew R., Hong Jun Young, Shen Hao, Wang Ling, Hu Jing, Jing Hui, Chen Zhengming, et al. , Cancer Cell, 2019 Jun 10, Volume 35, Issue 6, p.916-931.e9, (2019)
PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint and p53 loss facilitate tumor progression in activated B-cell diffuse large B-cell lymphomas., Pascual, Marien, Mena-Varas Maria, Robles Eloy Francisco, Garcia-Barchino Maria-Jose, Panizo Carlos, Hervas-Stubbs Sandra, Alignani Diego, Sagardoy Ainara, Martinez-Ferrandis Jose Ignacio, Bunting Karen L., et al. , Blood, 2019 May 30, Volume 133, Issue 22, p.2401-2412, (2019)
Distinct evolution and dynamics of epigenetic and genetic heterogeneity in acute myeloid leukemia., Li, Sheng, Garrett-Bakelman Francine E., Chung Stephen S., Sanders Mathijs A., Hricik Todd, Rapaport Franck, Patel Jay, Dillon Richard, Vijay Priyanka, Brown Anna L., et al. , Nat Med, 2016 07, Volume 22, Issue 7, p.792-9, (2016)
The epichaperome is an integrated chaperome network that facilitates tumour survival., Rodina, Anna, Wang Tai, Yan Pengrong, Gomes Erica DaGama, Dunphy Mark P. S., Pillarsetty Nagavarakishore, Koren John, Gerecitano John F., Taldone Tony, Zong Hongliang, et al. , Nature, 2016 Oct 20, Volume 538, Issue 7625, p.397-401, (2016)
miR-181a negatively regulates NF-κB signaling and affects activated B-cell-like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma pathogenesis., Kozloski, Goldi A., Jiang Xiaoyu, Bhatt Shruti, Ruiz Jose, Vega Francisco, Shaknovich Rita, Melnick Ari, and Lossos Izidore S. , Blood, 2016 06 09, Volume 127, Issue 23, p.2856-66, (2016)
Pathogenic role of B-cell receptor signaling and canonical NF-κB activation in mantle cell lymphoma., Saba, Nakhle S., Liu Delong, Herman Sarah E. M., Underbayev Chingiz, Tian Xin, Behrend David, Weniger Marc A., Skarzynski Martin, Gyamfi Jennifer, Fontan Lorena, et al. , Blood, 2016 07 07, Volume 128, Issue 1, p.82-92, (2016)
SIRT2 Deacetylates and Inhibits the Peroxidase Activity of Peroxiredoxin-1 to Sensitize Breast Cancer Cells to Oxidant Stress-Inducing Agents., Fiskus, Warren, Coothankandaswamy Veena, Chen Jianguang, Ma Hongwei, Ha Kyungsoo, Saenz Dyana T., Krieger Stephanie S., Mill Christopher P., Sun Baohua, Huang Peng, et al. , Cancer Res, 2016 09 15, Volume 76, Issue 18, p.5467-78, (2016)