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Aberration in DNA methylation in B-cell lymphomas has a complex origin and increases with disease severity., De, Subhajyoti, Shaknovich Rita, Riester Markus, Elemento Olivier, Geng Huimin, Kormaksson Matthias, Jiang Yanwen, Woolcock Bruce, Johnson Nathalie, Polo Jose M., et al. , PLoS Genet, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 1, p.e1003137, (2013)
CREBBP Inactivation Promotes the Development of HDAC3-Dependent Lymphomas., Jiang, Yanwen, Ortega-Molina Ana, Geng Huimin, Ying Hsia-Yuan, Hatzi Katerina, Parsa Sara, McNally Dylan, Wang Ling, Doane Ashley S., Agirre Xabier, et al. , Cancer Discov, 2017 01, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.38-53, (2017)
PRMT5 interacts with the BCL6 oncoprotein and is required for germinal center formation and lymphoma cell survival., Lu, Xiaoqing, Fernando Tharu M., Lossos Chen, Yusufova Nevin, Liu Fan, Fontan Lorena, Durant Matthew, Geng Huimin, Melnick Jacob, Luo Yuan, et al. , Blood, 2018 Nov 08, Volume 132, Issue 19, p.2026-2039, (2018)
PTEN opposes negative selection and enables oncogenic transformation of pre-B cells., Shojaee, Seyedmehdi, Chan Lai N., Buchner Maike, Cazzaniga Valeria, Cosgun Kadriye Nehir, Geng Huimin, Qiu Yi Hua, von Minden Marcus Dühren, Ernst Thomas, Hochhaus Andreas, et al. , Nat Med, 2016 Apr, Volume 22, Issue 4, p.379-87, (2016)
Rationally designed BCL6 inhibitors target activated B cell diffuse large B cell lymphoma., Cardenas, Mariano G., Yu Wenbo, Béguelin Wendy, Teater Matthew R., Geng Huimin, Goldstein Rebecca L., Oswald Erin, Hatzi Katerina, Yang Shao-Ning, Cohen Joanna, et al. , J Clin Invest, 2016 09 01, Volume 126, Issue 9, p.3351-62, (2016)
RUNX1 is a key target in t(4;11) leukemias that contributes to gene activation through an AF4-MLL complex interaction., Wilkinson, Adam C., Ballabio Erica, Geng Huimin, North Phillip, Tapia Marta, Kerry Jon, Biswas Debabrata, Roeder Robert G., C Allis David, Melnick Ari, et al. , Cell Rep, 2013 Jan 31, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.116-27, (2013)