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CREBBP Inactivation Promotes the Development of HDAC3-Dependent Lymphomas., Jiang, Yanwen, Ortega-Molina Ana, Geng Huimin, Ying Hsia-Yuan, Hatzi Katerina, Parsa Sara, McNally Dylan, Wang Ling, Doane Ashley S., Agirre Xabier, et al. , Cancer Discov, 2017 01, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.38-53, (2017)
The leukemogenicity of AML1-ETO is dependent on site-specific lysine acetylation., Wang, Lan, Gural Alexander, Sun Xiao-Jian, Zhao Xinyang, Perna Fabiana, Huang Gang, Hatlen Megan A., Vu Ly, Liu Fan, Xu Haiming, et al. , Science, 2011 Aug 05, Volume 333, Issue 6043, p.765-9, (2011)
RUNX1 is a key target in t(4;11) leukemias that contributes to gene activation through an AF4-MLL complex interaction., Wilkinson, Adam C., Ballabio Erica, Geng Huimin, North Phillip, Tapia Marta, Kerry Jon, Biswas Debabrata, Roeder Robert G., C Allis David, Melnick Ari, et al. , Cell Rep, 2013 Jan 31, Volume 3, Issue 1, p.116-27, (2013)
Selective Inhibition of HDAC3 Targets Synthetic Vulnerabilities and Activates Immune Surveillance in Lymphoma., Mondello, Patrizia, Tadros Saber, Teater Matt, Fontan Lorena, Chang Aaron Y., Jain Neeraj, Yang Haopeng, Singh Shailbala, Ying Hsia-Yuan, Chu Chi-Shuen, et al. , Cancer Discov, 2020 03, Volume 10, Issue 3, p.440-459, (2020)
A stable transcription factor complex nucleated by oligomeric AML1-ETO controls leukaemogenesis., Sun, Xiao-Jian, Wang Zhanxin, Wang Lan, Jiang Yanwen, Kost Nils, T Soong David, Chen Wei-Yi, Tang Zhanyun, Nakadai Tomoyoshi, Elemento Olivier, et al. , Nature, 2013 Aug 01, Volume 500, Issue 7460, p.93-7, (2013)
Unique Immune Cell Coactivators Specify Locus Control Region Function and Cell Stage., Chu, Chi-Shuen, Hellmuth Johannes C., Singh Rajat, Ying Hsia-Yuan, Skrabanek Lucy, Teater Matthew R., Doane Ashley S., Elemento Olivier, Melnick Ari M., and Roeder Robert G. , Mol Cell, 2020 12 03, Volume 80, Issue 5, p.845-861.e10, (2020)