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BACH2 mediates negative selection and p53-dependent tumor suppression at the pre-B cell receptor checkpoint., Swaminathan, Srividya, Huang ChuanXin, Geng Huimin, Chen Zhengshan, Harvey Richard, Kang Huining, Ng Carina, Titz Björn, Hurtz Christian, Sadiyah Mohammed Firas, et al. , Nat Med, 2013 Aug, Volume 19, Issue 8, p.1014-22, (2013)
Lineage-specific functions of Bcl-6 in immunity and inflammation are mediated by distinct biochemical mechanisms., Huang, ChuanXin, Hatzi Katerina, and Melnick Ari , Nat Immunol, 2013 Apr, Volume 14, Issue 4, p.380-8, (2013)
Notch activation inhibits AML growth and survival: a potential therapeutic approach., Kannan, Sankaranarayanan, Sutphin Robert M., Hall Mandy G., Golfman Leonard S., Fang Wendy, Nolo Riitta M., Akers Lauren J., Hammitt Richard A., McMurray John S., Kornblau Steven M., et al. , J Exp Med, 2013 Feb 11, Volume 210, Issue 2, p.321-37, (2013)
Satb1 regulates the self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells by promoting quiescence and repressing differentiation commitment., Will, Britta, Vogler Thomas O., Bartholdy Boris, Garrett-Bakelman Francine, Mayer Jillian, Barreyro Laura, Pandolfi Ashley, Todorova Tihomira I., Okoye-Okafor Ujunwa C., Stanley Robert F., et al. , Nat Immunol, 2013 May, Volume 14, Issue 5, p.437-45, (2013)
SOX4 enables oncogenic survival signals in acute lymphoblastic leukemia., Ramezani-Rad, Parham, Geng Huimin, Hurtz Christian, Chan Lai N., Chen Zhengshan, Jumaa Hassan, Melnick Ari, Paietta Elisabeth, Carroll William L., Willman Cheryl L., et al. , Blood, 2013 Jan 03, Volume 121, Issue 1, p.148-55, (2013)