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IDH mutation impairs histone demethylation and results in a block to cell differentiation., Lu, Chao, Ward Patrick S., Kapoor Gurpreet S., Rohle Dan, Turcan Sevin, Abdel-Wahab Omar, Edwards Christopher R., Khanin Raya, Figueroa Maria E., Melnick Ari, et al. , Nature, 2012 Feb 15, Volume 483, Issue 7390, p.474-8, (2012)
Loss of BAP1 function leads to EZH2-dependent transformation., LaFave, Lindsay M., Béguelin Wendy, Koche Richard, Teater Matt, Spitzer Barbara, Chramiec Alan, Papalexi Efthymia, Keller Matthew D., Hricik Todd, Konstantinoff Katerina, et al. , Nat Med, 2015 Nov, Volume 21, Issue 11, p.1344-9, (2015)
miR-181a negatively regulates NF-κB signaling and affects activated B-cell-like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma pathogenesis., Kozloski, Goldi A., Jiang Xiaoyu, Bhatt Shruti, Ruiz Jose, Vega Francisco, Shaknovich Rita, Melnick Ari, and Lossos Izidore S. , Blood, 2016 Jun 09, Volume 127, Issue 23, p.2856-66, (2016)
Non-oncogene Addiction to SIRT3 Plays a Critical Role in Lymphomagenesis., Li, Meng, Chiang Ying-Ling, Lyssiotis Costas A., Teater Matthew R., Hong Jun Young, Shen Hao, Wang Ling, Hu Jing, Jing Hui, Chen Zhengming, et al. , Cancer Cell, 2019 Jun 10, Volume 35, Issue 6, p.916-931.e9, (2019)
Rationally designed BCL6 inhibitors target activated B cell diffuse large B cell lymphoma., Cardenas, Mariano G., Yu Wenbo, Béguelin Wendy, Teater Matthew R., Geng Huimin, Goldstein Rebecca L., Oswald Erin, Hatzi Katerina, Yang Shao-Ning, Cohen Joanna, et al. , J Clin Invest, 2016 Sep 01, Volume 126, Issue 9, p.3351-62, (2016)
Unique Immune Cell Coactivators Specify Locus Control Region Function and Cell Stage., Chu, Chi-Shuen, Hellmuth Johannes C., Singh Rajat, Ying Hsia-Yuan, Skrabanek Lucy, Teater Matthew R., Doane Ashley S., Elemento Olivier, Melnick Ari M., and Roeder Robert G. , Mol Cell, 2020 Dec 03, Volume 80, Issue 5, p.845-861.e10, (2020)