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ASXL1 mutations promote myeloid transformation through loss of PRC2-mediated gene repression., Abdel-Wahab, Omar, Adli Mazhar, LaFave Lindsay M., Gao Jie, Hricik Todd, Shih Alan H., Pandey Suveg, Patel Jay P., Chung Young Rock, Koche Richard, et al. , Cancer Cell, 2012 Aug 14, Volume 22, Issue 2, p.180-93, (2012)
Epigenetic repression of miR-31 disrupts androgen receptor homeostasis and contributes to prostate cancer progression., Lin, Pei-Chun, Chiu Ya-Lin, Banerjee Samprit, Park Kyung, Mosquera Juan Miguel, Giannopoulou Eugenia, Alves Pedro, Tewari Ashutosh K., Gerstein Mark B., Beltran Himisha, et al. , Cancer Res, 2013 Feb 01, Volume 73, Issue 3, p.1232-44, (2013)
EZH2 is required for germinal center formation and somatic EZH2 mutations promote lymphoid transformation., B├ęguelin, Wendy, Popovic Relja, Teater Matt, Jiang Yanwen, Bunting Karen L., Rosen Monica, Shen Hao, Yang Shao Ning, Wang Ling, Ezponda Teresa, et al. , Cancer Cell, 2013 May 13, Volume 23, Issue 5, p.677-92, (2013)
EZH2-mediated epigenetic silencing in germinal center B cells contributes to proliferation and lymphomagenesis., Velichutina, Irina, Shaknovich Rita, Geng Huimin, Johnson Nathalie A., Gascoyne Randy D., Melnick Ari M., and Elemento Olivier , Blood, 2010 Dec 09, Volume 116, Issue 24, p.5247-55, (2010)
Loss of BAP1 function leads to EZH2-dependent transformation., LaFave, Lindsay M., B├ęguelin Wendy, Koche Richard, Teater Matt, Spitzer Barbara, Chramiec Alan, Papalexi Efthymia, Keller Matthew D., Hricik Todd, Konstantinoff Katerina, et al. , Nat Med, 2015 Nov, Volume 21, Issue 11, p.1344-9, (2015)
Untangling the Role of Polycomb Complexes in Chemotherapy Resistance., Duy, Cihangir, and Melnick Ari , Cancer Discov, 2018 Nov, Volume 8, Issue 11, p.1348-1351, (2018)