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Clonal Hematopoiesis Before, During, and After Human Spaceflight., Mencia-Trinchant, Nuria, MacKay Matthew J., Chin Christopher, Afshinnekoo Ebrahim, Foox Jonathan, Meydan Cem, Butler Daniel, Mozsary Christopher, Vernice Nicholas A., Darby Charlotte, et al. , Cell Rep, 2020 12 08, Volume 33, Issue 10, p.108458, (2020)
Epigenetic Identity in AML Depends on Disruption of Nonpromoter Regulatory Elements and Is Affected by Antagonistic Effects of Mutations in Epigenetic Modifiers., Glass, Jacob L., Hassane Duane, Wouters Bas J., Kunimoto Hiroyoshi, Avellino Roberto, Garrett-Bakelman Francine E., Guryanova Olga A., Bowman Robert, Redlich Shira, Intlekofer Andrew M., et al. , Cancer Discov, 2017 08, Volume 7, Issue 8, p.868-883, (2017)
H1 histones control the epigenetic landscape by local chromatin compaction., Willcockson, Michael A., Healton Sean E., Weiss Cary N., Bartholdy Boris A., Botbol Yair, Mishra Laxmi N., Sidhwani Dhruv S., Wilson Tommy J., Pinto Hugo B., Maron Maxim I., et al. , Nature, 2021 01, Volume 589, Issue 7841, p.293-298, (2021)
The NASA Twins Study: A multidimensional analysis of a year-long human spaceflight., Garrett-Bakelman, Francine E., Darshi Manjula, Green Stefan J., Gur Ruben C., Lin Ling, Macias Brandon R., McKenna Miles J., Meydan Cem, Mishra Tejaswini, Nasrini Jad, et al. , Science, 2019 04 12, Volume 364, Issue 6436, (2019)
Somatic Mutations Drive Specific, but Reversible, Epigenetic Heterogeneity States in AML., Li, Sheng, Chen Xiaowen, Wang Jiahui, Meydan Cem, Glass Jacob L., Shih Alan H., Delwel Ruud, Levine Ross L., Mason Christopher E., and Melnick Ari M. , Cancer Discov, 2020 12, Volume 10, Issue 12, p.1934-1949, (2020)