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AML-1/ETO fusion protein is a dominant negative inhibitor of transcriptional repression by the promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein., Melnick, A, Carlile G W., McConnell M J., Polinger A, Hiebert S W., and Licht J D. , Blood, 2000 Dec 01, Volume 96, Issue 12, p.3939-47, (2000)
Critical residues within the BTB domain of PLZF and Bcl-6 modulate interaction with corepressors., Melnick, Ari, Carlile Graeme, K Ahmad Farid, Kiang Chih-Li, Corcoran Connie, Bardwell Vivian, Prive Gilbert G., and Licht Jonathan D. , Mol Cell Biol, 2002 Mar, Volume 22, Issue 6, p.1804-18, (2002)
The ETO protein disrupted in t(8;21)-associated acute myeloid leukemia is a corepressor for the promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein., Melnick, A M., Westendorf J J., Polinger A, Carlile G W., Arai S, Ball H J., Lutterbach B, Hiebert S W., and Licht J D. , Mol Cell Biol, 2000 Mar, Volume 20, Issue 6, p.2075-86, (2000)
ETO protein of t(8;21) AML is a corepressor for Bcl-6 B-cell lymphoma oncoprotein., Chevallier, Nathalie, Corcoran Connie M., Lennon Christine, Hyjek Elizabeth, Chadburn Amy, Bardwell Vivian J., Licht Jonathan D., and Melnick Ari , Blood, 2004 Feb 15, Volume 103, Issue 4, p.1454-63, (2004)
The Flt3 internal tandem duplication mutant inhibits the function of transcriptional repressors by blocking interactions with SMRT., Takahashi, Shinichiro, McConnell Melanie J., Harigae Hideo, Kaku Mitsuo, Sasaki Takeshi, Melnick Ari M., and Licht Jonathan D. , Blood, 2004 Jun 15, Volume 103, Issue 12, p.4650-8, (2004)
In-depth mutational analysis of the promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger BTB/POZ domain reveals motifs and residues required for biological and transcriptional functions., Melnick, A, Ahmad K F., Arai S, Polinger A, Ball H, Borden K L., Carlile G W., Prive G G., and Licht J D. , Mol Cell Biol, 2000 Sep, Volume 20, Issue 17, p.6550-67, (2000)
A novel BTB/POZ transcriptional repressor protein interacts with the Fanconi anemia group C protein and PLZF., Hoatlin, M E., Zhi Y, Ball H, Silvey K, Melnick A, Stone S, Arai S, Hawe N, Owen G, Zelent A, et al. , Blood, 1999 Dec 01, Volume 94, Issue 11, p.3737-47, (1999)
The promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (PLZF) protein binds DNA in a high molecular weight complex associated with cdc2 kinase., Ball, H J., Melnick A, Shaknovich R, Kohanski R A., and Licht J D. , Nucleic Acids Res, 1999 Oct 15, Volume 27, Issue 20, p.4106-13, (1999)
Reduced and altered DNA-binding and transcriptional properties of the PLZF-retinoic acid receptor-alpha chimera generated in t(11;17)-associated acute promyelocytic leukemia., Licht, J D., Shaknovich R, English M A., Melnick A, Li J Y., Reddy J C., Dong S, Chen S J., Zelent A, and Waxman S , Oncogene, 1996 Jan 18, Volume 12, Issue 2, p.323-36, (1996)