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Affinity-based proteomics reveal cancer-specific networks coordinated by Hsp90., Moulick, Kamalika, Ahn James H., Zong Hongliang, Rodina Anna, Cerchietti Leandro, DaGama Erica M. Gomes, Caldas-Lopes Eloisi, Beebe Kristin, Perna Fabiana, Hatzi Katerina, et al. , Nat Chem Biol, 2011 Sep 25, Volume 7, Issue 11, p.818-26, (2011)
The Eph-receptor A7 is a soluble tumor suppressor for follicular lymphoma., Oricchio, Elisa, Nanjangud Gouri, Wolfe Andrew L., Schatz Jonathan H., Mavrakis Konstantinos J., Jiang Man, Liu Xiaoping, Bruno Joanne, Heguy Adriana, Olshen Adam B., et al. , Cell, 2011 Oct 28, Volume 147, Issue 3, p.554-64, (2011)
Inhibition of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) activity provides a therapeutic approach for CLTC-ALK-positive human diffuse large B cell lymphomas., Cerchietti, Leandro, Damm-Welk Christine, Vater Inga, Klapper Wolfram, Harder Lana, Pott Christiane, Yang Shao Ning, Reiter Alfred, Siebert Reiner, Melnick Ari, et al. , PLoS One, 2011 Apr 08, Volume 6, Issue 4, p.e18436, (2011)
The leukemogenicity of AML1-ETO is dependent on site-specific lysine acetylation., Wang, Lan, Gural Alexander, Sun Xiao-Jian, Zhao Xinyang, Perna Fabiana, Huang Gang, Hatlen Megan A., Vu Ly, Liu Fan, Xu Haiming, et al. , Science, 2011 Aug 05, Volume 333, Issue 6043, p.765-9, (2011)
Widespread hypomethylation occurs early and synergizes with gene amplification during esophageal carcinogenesis., Alvarez, Hector, Opalinska Joanna, Zhou Li, Sohal Davendra, Fazzari Melissa J., Yu Yiting, Montagna Christina, Montgomery Elizabeth A., Canto Marcia, Dunbar Kerry B., et al. , PLoS Genet, 2011 Mar, Volume 7, Issue 3, p.e1001356, (2011)